There are thousands of elderly and ill who need a 24/7 care service. With the fast paced and very demanding world today, family members find it impossible to juggle between work and taking care of their elderly and/or ill member. This is the reason why home care services exist.
Despite the safety that each home healthcare service projects, you still always need to do your part in making sure that the person or the home you are entering has the qualities of a good home care service.

The Qualities of a Good Home Caregiver

  1. Compassion. When we say compassion, it means genuine understanding of what the person is has been through and what he/she is going through. It is not enough to understand only. A deep understanding of the situation is needed. A home caregiver must be compassionate to the person in their care.
  2. Patience. It is never easy to take care of another person especially one with defect or illness. Without patience, a caregiver will never be successful in the care he/she is trying to provide. Being patient means being flexible to changes as some things may not go as planned. A home health caregiver should learn to adjust his/her attitude in accordance with the circumstances he/she will face.
  3. Credibility. This is one of the most important characters a home caregiver should have. Trust is a very essential factor for care. Without honesty and trust, the relationship with your loved one will never prosper. A caregiver should not take advantage of the belongings of his patient. More so, a caregiver should keep safe whatever privacy and information that is made available as part of the care.
  4. Reliability. A caregiver should be dependable. He/she should show up when needed. For our Underhill team, we provide a guaranteed person who will care for your loved one. In the event that the caregiver requires a day off, Underhill will provide a replacement caregiver.
  5. Concentration. Focus and attentiveness is needed when caring for the elderly or the ill. A caregiver should be able to take note all details especially the salient ones. Each day the patient may improve or deteriorate. Each day there will be minor or major changes. A good home caregiver should be able to take note of every change his/her patient may have.
  6. Nurturing Spirit. It is not enough to go through the motions when someone needs care. This is just a physical aspect of the job. A caregiver should be able to nurture from within. He/she should be able to take care of not just the body but the soul as well. Inner healing is more essential than any other. A caregiver should know how to have a conversation with the patient. They should know how to uplift the patient especially during moments of insecurities and doubt.
  7. Self-Discipline. You may have all that it takes to be a caregiver but without discipline all this will be useless. This is always the key to accomplish what is needed. When caring for the seniors or those requiring physical assistance, you will need a lot of discipline and determination.
  8. Caring Heart. The job should be done with the heart and not just an obligatory action. With the heart, the caregiver is better able to handle stress and mood swings of the patient.

When these character traits are present in a caregiver then he/she can be considered a good one. The need for home care services rise as its need is also increasing. 8 out of 10 Americans now choose home healthcare service. The trick is finding the right caregiver for you.
Hiring a good home caregiver will totally make a difference. Be careful and mindful of who you choose. The checklist above is going to help you find the best home caregiver.
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